Vivonne, Louis-Victor de Rochechouart, duke de Mortemart et de

   marshal of France
   Born in Paris, Louis-Victor de Rochechouart duke de Mortemart et de Vivonne, who was the brother of francoise de montespan, in 1664, after having served in Flanders under henri de turenne, was named a field marshal. He joined the navy and took part in the expedition against the Barbary pirates (1664), then was appointed general of the galleys (1669). He fought in the war against Holland and was gravely wounded during the crossing of the Rhine (1672). Governor of Champagne and Brie (1674), he became viceroy of Sicily (1675), and in 1676 defeated the Spanish-Dutch fleet at Palermo. Recalled to France, he again took part in the war against Holland (1678). An aristocrat, educated and spirited, he spent the later years of his life at the royal court, where he was patron to a number of writers.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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